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No Repurpose Necessary.

Picture this, a loved one, maybe a partner or a grandmother, someone near and dear to your heart, gifted you a candle. The scent they chose for you is transportive to a cherished memory with them and this gift, this scent, means the world to you. The problem? You hesitate to light it because you fear that once it's gone, so are the memories. 

Or how about this, you're in an incredible store and you've decided that you're going to treat yourself to something, you work hard, you deserve this. You find a candle brand and a scent that you love but you hate the vessel, it doesn't suite your style. You know that you always feel guilty getting rid of the vessels so you always repurpose them, and you want it to suite your style and compliment the space you put it in. So instead, you buy the candle with the vessel you like, with the scent that's...meh. Sound familiar?

We've been there, and we would bet you have too. And let's be real, repurposing candle vessels can be a creative endeavour, but it gets old. We grew tired of feeling obligated to transform each jar into a makeshift plant pot, or a makeup brush holder. We didn't want to sacrifice scent for vessel, we wanted both. And this is where bGOLDEN was born.

Welcome to bGOLDEN, home of the refillable candle! We are a company built around creating rituals that spark joy (pun intended!) in our every day lives. With scents that are developed around nostalgic memories to transport you to a meaningful time and place. We want you to feel free to indulge yourself in your candle ritual without the fear of losing the sentimentality. You can enjoy the scent that speaks to you, while choosing the vessel that suits your style. No more sacrificing one for the other - it's a win-win situation. 

Our mission is simple, don't let your candles gather dust, let them be a part of your daily rituals, let them do what they are intended to do, bring you joy, and fill your home with nostalgic memories. Our motto is "No Repurpose Necessary", meaning you will never again need to find a second use for your vessel. All you need to do is burn, clean, refill and repeat with our refill candles. So, welcome to bGOLDEN, where we are creating a community of like minded candle lovers who want embrace the ritual of lighting your favourite candle. Let your rituals be golden!


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