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Why buy this box

Both nicknamed B, jokingly known as "Other B" to each other, our journey through friendship has brought us spectacular adventures together; pottery wheels, exploring new cities, dinner dates, tears over relationships that don't deserve our tears, tears over relationships that do deserve our tears, long distance movie nights, countless laughs over countless bottles of wine. And now our shared passions have led us to the creation of bGOLDEN. 

Like you, we love photography, art, hosting friends and family, and curating our homes. These values, along with creating less waste, are the core of bGOLDEN. 

For our debut we have designed a product intended to live in your homes forever. Our Ceramic Candle Holder and Candle Refills are designed with love; what is most important to us is that you feel that love with every use. 

-the B's
Breanne & Bridget